[cifs-protocol] STATUS_OS2_INVALID_LEVEL

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Jan 13 15:17:13 MST 2010

Tim, et. al.,

I just caught wind of a ticket opened internally at Microsoft HQ that was
generated by a question you asked.  As a result of this ticket, a change was
recommended for [MS-CIFS] that would have caused a good deal of trouble so I
am sending this out in an effort to clarify things a bit.

[MS-CIFS] states this:

	If this bit is set in a client request, the server MUST return
	errors as 32-bit NTSTATUS codes in the response. If it is clear,
	the server MUST return errors in SMBSTATUS format.

That's the way it *should* work.

In fact, there is a whole set of 32-bit status codes that are wire-identical
to the DOS&OS/2 style Class/Code pairs.  For example,
STATUS_OS2_INVALID_LEVEL is defined as 0x007C0001, which is exactly the same
(on the wire) as ERRDOS/ERRunknownlevel (0x01/0x007C).

Gary:  I have had a little more time to look at this and consider the
       implications of the capture Tim provided.  My thoughts:

* Windows 7 SHOULD be returning a 32-bit code.  The code SHOULD be
  STATUS_OS2_INVALID_LEVEL which, as stated above, is identical to
  ERRDOS/ERRunknownlevel.  That is, The value in the Status field
  returned by Windows 7 is correct no matter how you cut it.

* Windows 7 SHOULD NOT be clearing the SMB_FLAGS2_NT_STATUS bit in
  the response.  (Gary:  This is where your proposed change was

  + Note that [MS-CIFS] covers Windows NT only, so we need to see if NT
    changes this bit as well.  If so, then we add a WBN in [MS-CIFS].
    If not, then the WBN belongs in [MS-SMB].

Bill W's comment in the earlier thread, stating that the status code
management in NT is complex, is a polite understatement.  We spent months
trying to figure this out.

In [MS-CIFS], you will find several 32-bit status codes defined that are
wire-identical to old-style Class/Code pairs.


...all of the above are wire identical whether they are viewed as NTSTATUS

Chris -)-----

PS.  I somehow got kicked off of the cifs-protocol list a while back and
can't seem to get re-registered so please make sure I'm in the CC list if
you respond.

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