[cifs-protocol] FW: FW: Inconsistencies in ad-schema docs and text files SRX090109601490

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Jan 11 18:23:52 MST 2010

Hi Hongwei,

 >    According to schema class document (MS-ADSC), The
 > adminDescription and AdminDisplayName are listed as
 > systemMayContain instead of SystemMustContain in cn:Top.


 >  The sub-level class attributeSchema and classSchema also don't
 >  require these two attributes as SystemMustContain.  Based on the
 >  schema, it looks like that they are not mandatory attributes for
 >  either class or attribute object.

true, but that doesn't mean that aren't needed! If you apply that same
logic to other attributes you'll soon see the problem with the
argument. For example, isMemberOfPartialAttributeSet is also a 'may',
but if you don't have it you'll break RODC functionality. Similarly,
linkID is also a 'may', but it you don't have it you'll break all
linked attributes. The same is true for lots and lots of attributes.

The must/may attributes in the schema have very little to do with
whether an attribute is important or not :-)

 > Actually since they are not listed for any attribute or class in
 > the MS-ADAx/MS-ADSC documents so they are not included in the
 > schema files we generated from the documents.

which I think is an omission that needs fixing :-)

I strongly suspect that having different values for adminDescription
than what windows does will not break any applications. 

I am less certain about adminDisplayName, and I would not be surprised
if there were badly written apps (maybe even some MS apps?) that rely
on those values.

 >    I am so glad to see that you are making a lot of progresses.  It is a pleasure to work with you.   I downloaded and played the video,  but I can only hear your voice, not video.  Maybe it has something to do with Windows Media Player.

you probably just need to install the codec. The x264 (a free varient
of H.264) codec for windows is here:


I also suspect it will work with a licensed H.264 codec, but I haven't
tested that. The Apple quicktime plugin should play it for example.

Media codecs are a real mess :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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