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Hi Andrew,

I will be helping you with this case.

I'll let you know if I have news or questions.



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Tridge and I are working on Samba4's implementation of the distributed RID allocation. 

We are unclear on a number of aspects of the expected behaviour, particularly when the RID manager is not the DC adding users.

I'll describe this in terms of the 'RID manager DC' and the 'remote DC'

For example:

It appears that the Remote DC is responsible for updating the ridNextRID attribute, but rather than storing the next RID, it appears to store the last allocated RID.  The actual remote DC allocation process for RIDs appears undocumented.

It appears the RID Manager DC is responsible for updating the rIDAllocationPool for each DC, and the rIDAvailablePool.  We think the remote DC is responsible for ridPreviousAllocationPool and allocates RIDs from that pool, but this is only described in the schema doc.  

Any light you can shed on this process would be most appreciated.


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
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