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Richard Guthrie rguthrie at microsoft.com
Thu May 28 13:03:54 GMT 2009


We have completed our investigation and have updated the documentation to remove references that specify a parameter as little endian where the values endianess is negotiated by the underlying RPC protocol as we discussed previously.  Here is the list of fields in which the endianess text was removed:   NL_AUTH_MESSAGE - MessageType   NL_AUTH_MESSAGE - Flags   NETLOGON_WORKSTATION_INFO - WorkstationFlags   NETLOGON_DOMAIN_INFO - WorkstationFlags   NETLOGON_LOGON_IDENTITY_INFO -Control   NETLOGON_DELTA_ACCOUNTS - PrivilegeControl   NETLOGON_DELTA_ACCOUNTS - PrivilegeAttributes   NETLOGON_DELTA_ACCOUNTS - SystemAccessFlags   NETLOGON_DELTA_GROUP - Attributes   NLPR_USER_PRIVATE_INFO - DataType   NLPR_USER_PRIVATE_INFO - LmLength   NLPR_USER_PRIVATE_INFO - NtLength   NLPR_USER_PRIVATE_INFO - LmHistoryLength   NLPR_USER_PRIVATE_INFO - NtHistoryLength   DS_DOMAIN_TRUSTSW - Flags   DS_DOMAIN_TRUSTSW - TrustType   DS_DOMAIN_TRUSTSW - TrustAttributes   NETLOGON_INFO_1 - netlog1_flags   NETLOGON_INFO_2 - netlog2_flags   DsrGetDcNameEx2 (Opnum 34) - AllowableAccountControlBits   DsrGetDcNameEx2 (Opnum 34) - Flags   NetrLogonSamLogonEx (Opnum 39) - ExtraFlags   NetrLogonSamLogonWithFlags (Opnum 45) - ExtraFlags   NetrDatabaseRedo (Opnum 17) - Flags   DsrEnumerateDomainTrusts (Opnum 40) - Flags   DsrGetForestTrustInformation (Opnum 43) - Flags   NetrLogonSetServiceBits (Opnum 22) - ServiceBitsOfInterest   NetrLogonSetServiceBits (Opnum 22) - ServiceBits

A future documentation release should contain these changes.  Please let us know if you have any further questions/comments.

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Subject: erroneous references to little-endian

Before many (but oddly, not all) of the impossible-to-parse bitfield diagrams in MS-NRPC is the statement:

> A set of bit flags in little-endian format ... A flag is TRUE (or set) 
> if its value is equal to 1. The value is constructed from zero or more bit flags from the following table.

(search for little-endian)

These refer to bitfields are transferred over DCE/RPC, and as such are in negotiated bit order, as chosen by the client and server.  Therefore the reference to their bit order should be removed.  (This is doubly confusing because the table itself is in bit-endian order. :-)

There are exceptions where the use is actually correct - the IP address and credentials calculations, or in conjunction with non-RPC structures, but the rest appear to be a copy-and-pasted template reproduced though the entire document.

Can you please review this (and other RPC protocols) to ensure that these references are corrected?


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