[cifs-protocol] Re: [Pfif] erroneous references to little-endian

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 13:14:12 GMT 2009

In implementing SMB2 Session Setup protocol support I did not notice
reference to the "OS" and "NOS" (the strings which name the operating
system and network operating system version fields of the client and
server) which followed the security blob.  See sections 2.2.5 and
2.2.6 of MS-SMB2 and    The description of the "buffer" field
just notes that it "MUST contain a token as produced by the GSS
protocol as specified in section"  (which would not describe
the operating system or network operating system fields).   Note that
an earlier CAR shows that the description of the buffer field is
incorrect in another way (Windows servers accept NTLMSSP, not
encapsulated in GSS in the buffer field for SMB2, and in some ways
that is easier and safer to generate).



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