[cifs-protocol] FW: SAMBA4 Test suite interoperability testing in preparation for the upcoming event.

Darryl Welch darrylw at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 10 23:42:48 GMT 2008


As we discussed, you recommended that Stefan review the RPC issue below identified during initial test results from a few test scenarios.    As noted by the test suite developer below, this required the test suite to bind w/o the UUID.

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Subject: SAMBA4 Test suite interoperability testing in preparation for the upcoming event.


As we discussed, the LSAT,LSAD and SAMR Protocol Test suites are complete.  Nick has been working the test suite developers to  execute the test suite methods against SAMBA4.  This is being done using virtual images so that an environment can be readily configured in the EEC lab for the event.

One common Issue was identified across all these Protocol methods.  This issue is with SAMBA4  Implementation at RPC Layer.  The Issue is  with Binding  RPC Handle with UUID,Endpoint[Named Pipe] & Protosequence.   Windows server has functionality to allow binding RPC Handle  W/  and W/o  UUID.    But SAMBA4 does not appear to support binding w/ UUID.

Primarily  this UUID is optional for RPC  Implementers'  as per  1.1 section of DCE RPC  and  In case of SAMBA also I could able to Bind W/ and W/o UUID.    The issue occurs when bound with UUID in subsequent Protocol calls at msrpc Layer UUID will be  passed  on the wire in each call and  when this is UUID is present, then SAMBA4 fails all respective Protocol methods.

The attached spreadsheet includes a list of the methods currently tested.  Are you interested in a summary of requirements as well as network captures and logs?


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