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I have completed my research on LsarSetSecret.  The documentation provides information when you have an exception case such as when one updates EncryptedCurrentValue.  I have included a scenario that might help clarify the behavior:

I have a secret object with old and new secret values set and both have timestamps indicating when the values were last updated/set.  I then make a call to LsarSetSecret passing in null for new secret value and a value I choose for old secret value.

This will null out the new secret value and update the old secret value.  I should also observe that the timestamps for both old/new secret values would be set to current server time.  The table you reference shows this to be the behavior.

Please let us know if you have further questions regarding this issue.

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In MS-LSAD LsarSetSecret it states that:

The server MUST also maintain "time stamp" values for current and old values of the secret object.
The following table lists the rules by which the time stamps are computed.
                          Value         Effect on old time                 Effect on new time
  Old secret value        NULL          Old value of "new secret time"     Not applicable
  Old secret value        Non-NULL      Current server time                Not applicable
  New secret value        NULL          Not applicable                     Current server time
  New secret value        Non-NULL      Not applicable                     Current server time

However, tests against Window 2008 show that setting the old value (but not the new) removes the new value, and sets the time to 'current server time'

Please update the docs,


Andrew Bartlett
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