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Bill Wesse billwe at microsoft.com
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Good morning Andrew. Thank you for your question! I have created a new case for this (info below); one of my colleagues will take ownership of this and contact you soon.

SRX080903600016  [MS-ADTS] kvno for trusted domain entities

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Subject: KVNO of trusts

How do I determine what Key Version Number (kvno) to assign to trusted domain entities in the KDC?

For normal users, we have msDS-KeyVersionNumber, but as per our previous discussions, trusts do not need cn=user type objects for interoperability (I point I dispute, but regardless).  So, what is the source of the key version number for these principals?

(Is it the 'for NETLOGON use' version number in the trustAuthIncoming and trustAuthOutgoing attributes, for example?)


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