[ccache] Thank you

Steffen Dettmer steffen.dettmer at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 18:22:18 UTC 2020


about half a year ago I started adding ccache to the proprietary toolchains
at my workplace. I met several challenges (difficult environments) but I
got so much help from Joel Rosdahl and others that they could be solved.
I'm so glad that I added it, it works so fine now and saves so much!

On my private machine I get around 50% cache hits and team mates have
similar values. But most effective is the shared cache on a build server
where Jenkins jobs and interactive shells share a ccache:

stats updated                       Mon Nov 16 18:47:59 2020
stats zeroed                        Thu Apr  2 19:57:58 2020
cache hit (direct)               3892380
cache hit (preprocessed)          650573
cache miss                        579045
cache hit rate                     88.69 %
compile failed                       353
ccache internal error                 10
preprocessor error                   768
no input file                          2
cleanups performed                   995
files in cache                    450926
cache size                          50.0 GB

I hoped it would save, but that it would save that much I didn't expect. It
is just great!
This saves a lot of time, energy and even CO2. Thank you so much!


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