[ccache] State of ccache on Windows

Patrick von Reth patrick at von-reth.de
Thu Jun 20 09:27:52 MDT 2013

Hi I'm not sure but is the conversion to front slashes really needed?Wouldn't it be more clean to make ccache work with backslashes?

From: MAugustin at gmx.net
To: ccache at lists.samba.org
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 01:40:04 +0200
Subject: Re: [ccache] State of ccache on Windows

Hi CCache-Developer, Hi Andrew,
I've tried to get the latest version running on Windows, since ccache-win32-project and cygwin version is only 2.4.
I had success with compiling from source together with mingw/msys.
After starting up it complained about asserts. I've made some changes in the attached patch to get CCACHE_BASEDIR working with windows pathnames and drive letters. At least in my case, I could build into different build directories and the cache was working, because of the filepath abstracting with CCACHE_BASEDIR.
I've set CCACHE_BASEDIR to a directory with / like "C:/projects/myapp". In ccache I try to convert the paths from \\ to /.
Please look at the patch and tell me, what you think about it.
Kind regards,

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