[ccache] tmpfs + aufs use with ccache

Craig A. Cox craigcox at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 3 15:39:48 MDT 2012

I am using version 2.4 of ccache and have setup a shared ccache directory on a machine of about 8-10 users.  I have setup an aufs filesystem for ccache.  That way a reboot will have a completely fresh initialized ccache setup.  I use a ccache-tmpfs and also will mount a ccache-ro directory of a squashfs freshly initialized ccache setup.  The aufs filesystem will initially use the read-only version and then will use the version of files on the tmpfs filesystem after that.

The possible issue that I need to ask about is files that are on the read-only filesystem that should completely disappear will not, you can only have a newer version in the tmpfs.  Will this work or will I be required to just use ccache on the tmpfs and initialize it in a startup script?



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