[ccache] [PATCH v4] add support for '@' parameters

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Wed Aug 1 02:35:57 MDT 2012

On 31 July 2012 02:50, Andrew Boie <andrew.p.boie at intel.com> wrote:
> args_insert() added to insert a set of arguments into a position within
> another set of arguments.

Looks OK.

> args_init_from_string() has been improved so that any character may be
> included by prefixing that character with a backslash, and support for
> quoted arguments which pass special characters within the quotation marks
> unmodified.

Changing the behavior of args_init_from_string also changes semantics
of the command string version of CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK. I'm OK with
changing CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK semantics as that probably doesn't
affect many users (the documentation should be updated as well in that
case), but I'm not sure GCC @file style quoting is a good choice since
it's feels a bit peculiar. Perhaps it would be better to create a new
utility function which parses a GCC @file string and returns a struct

> [...]
> +       CHECK_STR_EQ(args_to_string(args),
> +               "first second alpha beta gamma fourth fifth");

I prefer that checks like the above are be written in this way (note
FREE2 to free the second argument):

    CHECK_STR_EQ_FREE2("first second alpha beta gamma fourth fifth",

-- Joel

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