[ccache] ccache compilation under MinGW/MSys lots of undefined reference to `cc_log` messages

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Tue Aug 16 15:39:53 MDT 2011

On 16-8-2011 23:03, Patrick von Reth wrote:
> Thanks Jonathan
> Rev 206b0c182b8fbe1e115039507c4356ee1316a7fa works great but master is
> broken again(same error)

Really, I know it is broken, but I get a different error as detailed in 
this list in another thread.

> And it would be real cool if you could add a flag like --with-included-zlib.

Why? If it does not find zlib (in the path defined in your environment, 
or the CXXFLAGS/LIBS environmental variables) it should use the included 
zlib by default.

If I would like to include a different zlib (I think, as I have never 
done so) I need to do something like this:

CXXFLAGS=-I/path/to/external/zlib LIBS=-Lzlib ./configure

Kind regards,


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