[ccache] ccache 3.1 cache failure

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Thu Oct 28 14:20:54 MDT 2010

On 2010-10-28 21:09, H. Ingow wrote:
> ###  after a make clean, make cleanworld and make toolchain with the freshly
> build cache:
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.487828 24415] === CCACHE STARTED
> =========================================
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.488090 24415] Hostname: rasta
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.488099 24415] Working directory: /obj/src/lib/libc
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.488168 24415] Source file: nslexer.c
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.488175 24415] Object file: nslexer.o
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.489106 24415] Trying direct lookup
> [2010-10-28T16:44:26.489387 24415] Looking for object file hash in
> /twelve/.ccache/6/e/38b5811e7e57c1e0c2518697ad6c91-427760.manifest
> and this is where all related processes stall, waiting forever for
> things to happen.
> Builds fail with or without different options in the same way as soon
> as ccache gets to look for nslexer.o the whole procedure sleeps away.

Thanks for the bug report!

Is ccache busy consuming CPU cycles or is it idle?

It would be helpful if you could make a copy of
38b5811e7e57c1e0c2518697ad6c91-427760.manifest available and also run
strace on the command that hangs and post the results, i.e. the output
of "strace ccache /usr/obj/src/tmp/usr/bin/cc [arguments...]".

-- Joel

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