[ccache] Release plan

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Sun Feb 28 13:11:59 MST 2010


I now don't have any features left on my TODO list for the next ccache release,
which I plan to name 3.0. The main thing left, except more testing and fixing
any bugs that are found, is some work on the documentation, and maybe some
portability stuff.

There are still some features that I would like to work on, though, but that I
think should wait until after 3.0:

  - Support for a configuration file in the cache directory. I will send a mail
    to the list with some thoughts on this later.

  - Support for choosing hash algorithm (at least MD4, MD5 and SHA-1).

  - Support for optionally hashing the output of "$CC $flag" (e.g., "gcc -v" or
    "gcc -dumpspecs") to identify the compiler instead of relying on

Does this seem reasonable? And does anyone have other feature requests or
semi-forks with features that could be incorporated in later ccache versions?
Comments are welcome.

-- Joel

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