[ccache] ccache, OS X and the CCACHE_LOGFILE setting

Jon Baumgartner jon at bergenstreetsoftware.com
Wed May 12 13:45:35 GMT 2004

On 5/11/2004 10:12 PM Martin Pool wrote:

>Are you sure the environment variable is making it all the way down to
>where ccache is invoked?
Yep. 'setenv' shows CCACHE_LOGFILE is set.

>There are crazy complicated rules about which dotfiles are read by
>shells and when.  They can be different for local logins and ssh
>logins.  I don't know the details for tcsh off hand.
>After you ssh in are the variables set?

Last night it started working again. I think it was after I unset 
CCACHE_PREFIX, which was previously set to 'distcc'. I have not yet 
tried ssh'ing in to see if that works now, too.

Could distcc be causing a problem?


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