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	      Elsevier - Computer Communications Journal

	   Special Issue on Information-Centric Networking

	     *** Submission deadline: April. 15, 2012 ***


Information-Centric  Networking (ICN) is  proposed as  an architecture
for  the  future  Internet.   The  basic  idea is  to  make  units  of
information accessible to the  networking protocols and turn them into
the unit of networking.  Main  advantages are conjectured to come from
a much better support for  mobility, data security, as well as caching
and  replication. ICN  has by  now been  investigated in  a  number of

This special  issue aims  to collect new,  innovative material  on the
theory,  the  design,  and  the  practical applicability  of  ICN.  In
particular, material that advances  the level of maturity, scalability
and real-life dependability of ICN are welcome.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Analytic models for  the behavior of information-centric networking,
  especially for scalability properties
- Models for  workloads (both amount of  traffic as well  as kinds and
  size of objects along with request patterns)
- Capacity analysis of ICN
- Caching in ICN, in  particular, cache placement and cache management
  (e.g.,  replacement algorithms) along  with resource  management for
  caches, links, and routers
- Coexistence of ICN protocol stacks  with legacy stacks (e.g., IP) as
  well as  coexistence of  multiple ICNs with  each other on  the same
  network fabric
- Suitability  of  ICN for  all  kinds  of  workloads, in  particular,
  streaming and interactive multimedia workloads
- Security in ICN
- Mobility support by ICN
- Energy efficiency of ICN
- Active objects in ICN,  adding functionality and execution semantics
  to information objects
- Consistency and  coherence models  for replicated, static  or active
  information  objects,  along  with  revision handling  and  updating
- Structuring applications on top of ICN (both legacy and possible new
  applications) as well as suitable application programming interfaces
  (complementing or replacing a "socket"-style interface standard)
- Interoperability between different ICN solutions
- Practical experience, test-beds, open-source software

Tentative Schedule
Submission deadline: April. 15, 2012
Author notification: June 30, 2012
Revised paper due: July 31, 2012
Final author notification: September 1, 2012

Guest Editors
Bengt Ahlgren, Swedish Insitute of Computer Science
Holger Karl, Universitat Paderborn
Dirk Kutscher, NEC Laboratories, Europe
Lixia Zhang, UCLA

Instructions for submission:
The   submission   website   for    this   journal   is   located   at  To ensure  that  all manuscripts  are
correctly  identified  for consideration  by  the  Special Issue,  the
authors should select  "Special Issue: Information-Centric Networking"
when they reach the "Article Type" step in the submission process.

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