Community Wireless in Canberra

Seabird Seabird2k at
Sat Nov 7 18:54:48 MST 2009

Gday Canberrians,

I have recently moved from Adelaide to Canberra and have gained a
permanent job here.

I used to run the Air-Stream-Pasadena AP, and have been involved in the
community wireless phenomenon for years.. since about 2003.

I have contacted Daniel and have discussed a few things and we are
pretty intereted in getting things going here.

I am getting the bits and pieces of kit required to setup an AP in the
Campbell area ASAP. I am located on top of a hill behind Russell and
have pretty good LoS to Civic, Parliament House, National Muesuem,
Questacon, and the general lake area.

So if anyone is near by or just interested in setting something up.
Contact me!

Its really annoying not having a free community network here in Canberra!!!


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