Requisition for online survey participation on Australian Wireless telecommunication services

Hari Prasad Ravirala hariprasad.ravirala at
Tue Oct 10 03:05:59 GMT 2006

Research Project: Determining end user behaviours for Wireless
telecommunication services


Dear Colleagues,


I am doing research masters in Information Technology in the Department of
Information Systems at USQ. I am conducting online survey in order to
investigate end user behavioural factors for their choice of wireless
telecommunication services as a part of research degree. The survey requires
participants who are using services from leading wireless service providers.
The survey aims to investigate those factors that are acting as drivers or
barriers for the choice of wireless services in more detail, as well as to
gather sufficient data to provide accurate report on the current scenario of
choice of services and actual practice and the reasons for their behaviours
in the wireless domain of Australia. 


I would like to recruit participants from our organisation who has relevant
experiences on usage of wireless services from any wireless devices
including mobile phone. This will ensure that the survey to be fully
representative and that the findings are valid. Please be assured that
responses obtained from the participants will be treated in strict
confidence. Participants' data will not be identified in any research
publications, and only statistical summaries and correlations of aggregate
data will be reported. Results from this research will provide you with a
better understanding of how wireless services are being influenced by the
end user behaviours. Full ethics clearance from the USQ Ethics Committee has
been obtained for this research before proceeding for actual data


The fill-in of survey should take between 5 to 10 minutes. The online
questionnaire is available via the following link:
<> &SVID=Prod


Results from this research will be offered early next year through the
following USQ website link: and/ or a free report
that summarises major results of the survey will be posted to individuals
who denounce their email addresses.


Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 07 4631
1550/ 0402587290 or my supervisor Assoc. Professor Raj Gururajan at 07 4631
1834. I will be happy to discuss with you any concerns you may have on how
this study has been conducted. If you have any concern regarding the
implementation of the project, you may contact: The Secretary, Human
Research Ethics Committee USQ or telephone: 07 4631 2956


Please click on the following link to open the questionnaire:
<> &SVID=Prod



Kind Regards

Hari Prasad Ravirala




Hari Prasad Ravirala

IS Department, Faculty of Business

University of southern Queensland

Toowoomba QLD-4350


Phone: +61 7 4631 1550

Home: +61 7 4690 0540

Mobile: +61 402587290

Email: hariprasad.ravirala at 




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