Cisco SWAN solution GRE issues

Peter Faulknor pfaulknor at
Tue Oct 26 03:07:06 GMT 2004

Does any one have any experience with a large scale deployment of this
solution, say over 100 users?   I am curenlty engaged in deploying this
soultion and see probelms with the fragmentaqtion and GRE tunnelling on
the supervisor 720.   Whenever the switch recieves fragmented packets
packet gets punted to the processor forcing me ot rate limit  traffic to
the processor.   currently things are fine for a small deployment, 10
users, but to go large scale would certainly mean halting the switch
processor, which is 600Mhz,

Any feedback regarding experiences, workaraounds, or suggestions, would be
reatly appreceiated


Em: pfaulknor at

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