definition of iw_quality fields

Cristian Hesselman Cristian.Hesselman at
Thu May 27 15:13:01 GMT 2004


I'm using the orinoco_cs driver and I'd like to make signal strength
measurements. However, the definition of qual, level, and noise (struct
iw_quality) is unclear to me. What do they mean? Specifically:

- Does the orinoco_cs driver report signal and noise strenghts in dBm or
in some other unit? I checked the code of the mwavelan_cs driver, and it
translates whatever comes out of the hardware into dBm. However, I
didn't find such a translation in the orinoco_cs code.

- Is the qual field an RSSI?

- Why am I seeing quality values such as 224/92 in iwlist's output when
92 is supposed to be the 'quality' maximum?



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