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Tue Oct 21 15:58:02 EST 2003

Hi all,

Today, I've received over 70 emails regarding the AWA.  In reality I have 
probably received about 25 emails, over multiple lists.  The most recent one I 
received five times - through the Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and 
Canberra wireless lists.  (The only one I didn't get it through is the Hobart 
one, which is where I live!)    That reminds me, I'm not on any Adelaide 
lists... Must go hunting for some..

One of the points that came up earlier was: what services can AWA offer that 
would benefit all of Australia, and not just Sydney?  How about a national 
wireless mailing list for non region-specific content?

The reason I am on all these lists in the first place is (a) to see what is 
happening around the country and (b) some posts to these lists are of general 
interest, not region specific.

Of course the problem is, if such a list exists - people will continue to cross-
post to all regional lists, as well as the national list.

Maybe have the regional lists as members of the national list, so that people 
on a regional list will get anything sent to the national list?  Then you end 
up flooding everyone with mail and they all un-subscribe.

Anyway, just some ideas to throw around.

Charles Gregory
Tas Wireless / Starnet node
Hobart, Tasmania

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