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Steve Fraser sfraser at sierra.apana.org.au
Sun Mar 30 14:00:56 EST 2003

Hi All,

Darryl Smith wrote:

> Wow...
> Someone else in Australia is saying that 802.11 is of use for Ham Radio
> operations... I am impressed..
They're not the only ones!

SAPUG (The South Australian Packet Users Group) is also of this opinion. In
fact, we've just signed an agreement with a local "community" Wireless LAN
group called "Air-Stream" to share facilities. This will give Amateurs who
are members of SAPUG access to around six existing Air-Stream access points
throughout the Adelaide metro area (with several more planned). That will
mean high speed access to VK5SPG (the SAPUG BBS).

We have the funds earmarked for this project, and have done signal strength
measurements for the links to the Air-Stream nodes. Most of the supporting
computer gear has been obtained.

Currrent thinking is that we'll run a VPN (using 44.136.x.x numbers) over
the network, but this is subject to change.

Some of the possible functions of this network will be:
a) high speed packet, via AX25 over IP. This is supported by BPQ32 or
Linux, so could be used by any software that supports those. I use it here
for APRS.

b) Access to web pages, including the existing facility to read bulletins
and teletext pages via a web browser.

c) Use existing mail clients (eg Outlook) for packet mail

d) We could install a receiver at VK5SPG, and deliver the WIA broadcast
digitally, or even monitor a repeater via streaming audio.

e) Voice over IP - people could have QSO's using a mic and headphones
plugged into their PC, using NetMeeting or similar over the RF links.

f) Digital video (we could "televise" the SAPUG meetings for those who cant

g) digital games (probably for amateur's children!)

h) Various graphical and sound services

i) High speed downloads of software (we could reinstate the software
library - it'd be feasible to keep up to date software programs) - no messy
ftp, just drag'n'drop using normal microsoft icons.

j) Digitally interlink repeaters

k) IRLP / Echolink everywhere????

They are just a few ideas, I'm sure that once we get a high-speed IP
transport in place then lots more applications will become viable.


Steve, vk5asf

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