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Gerard Blokdyk gerard_blokdyk at wireless-toolkit.com
Sun Mar 30 10:29:46 EST 2003


I have visited your site and feel that your site's content would be of 
interest to the visitors to my site located at: http://www.wireless-
toolkit.com .

I have already placed a link to your site along with a description at 
http://www.wireless-toolkit.com/links.htm . I would appreciate if you 
would place a link back to my site using the following 

"The Wireless Toolkit is designed to make creation of Wireless agreements far more straight forward. It enables you to produce a Wireless solution and agreements with the minimum of fuss. Ready for you to use, and comprises of Templates, blueprints, checklists, assessments and presentations to get you kickstarted into Wireless."

If you would like the description of your site modified or you have any 
other cross-promotion ideas let me know.

Best regards,

Gerard Blokdyk
The Wireless Toolkit
gerard_blokdyk at wireless-toolkit.com

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