DWL-900AP+ External Mounting

Akash Heimlich akash at zeroplus.de
Wed Mar 26 02:15:34 EST 2003


I've obtained a solar charge controller (item code PS24) manufactured by
Phocos (Germany)...  They have a dealer in Australia too:

Plasmatronics Pty Ltd. 
42 Bell Street, Fitzroy, 
Victoria, Aus. 3065 

Phone +61(3)9486-9902 
Fax +61(3)9486-9903 

admin at plasmatronics.com.au 

It's basically a very compact black box with carry strap ``that contains
a charge controller for a solar panel, and a 24Ah battery.  I am testing
with a 36 watt solar panel, but I'm not sure you require such a high
capacity.  The output is 12V, so you just have to build a simple
regulator with an LM317 or something similar.   
Attach an access point (DWL-900AP+) as a repeater, and voila, it works!
As I said in the last message, the AP is housed in a PVC pipe and
wrapped in tinfoil...

I'll try and get some pics up on the web soon!

- Akash
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> Akash,
> I have been lurking in the mailing list for months now reading and
> making notes of details that interest me. I am keen to build a bridge
> between my network and a friends but there is a large hill in between
> here and the other end. The only option is a solar powered repeater so
> am keen to know the specs of your power supply arrangement (including
> your part numbers and calculations if possible). Is there a web site
> somewhere that you have published your design?
> Best regards,
> Jason.
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> Hello All,
> I'm *very* new to wireless but have done lots of research on the net
> got myself 3 DWL-900AP+ (firmware 2.5) units.  Since it get rather hot
> in India, I decided to house the units in a large PVC pipe.  I opened
> the unit, and fixed the external antenna connector to the top of the
> Pipe to mount an omni on top.  I then 'tied' the unit to an aluminium
> plate (which acts as a heat sink) inside the PVC tube. I then wrapped
> the entire tube in silver foil to protect it from the heat.  Oh, and
> since the unit is running of a solar panel/batter, I have an LM317
> converter to provide 5V DC, this is in a separate unit, and it's set
> give exactly 5V at the end of 4 m cable the goes into the unit.
> Now, the idea was to have one act as access point and one as repeater.
> They are about 500 m apart with 5dBi omnis, and line-of-sight.  At 11
> mbit they drop packets when sending but they function ok at about 2
> MBit.  Now I have 3 problems:
> First, in the configuration as ap-repeater-client, I could access the
> repeater from about 500m away using my 3rd DWL-900AP+ as a client.
> Downloading went well, but I could not UPLOAD through the repeater,
> although pings worked fine!   So, I had to change the configuration to
> client-ap-client, and then I could upload/download successfully.
> Strange.
> Second, sometimes the speed would drop to 1 MBit due to something or
> other.  At 1 MB, it shows me that I have an excellent connection, but
> the unit does NOT transfer data and pings timeout. (I tried this using
> netgear PCMCIA card).  And the worst of it is that it if ever drops to
> MBit it never recovers, which means I have to reset the unit.  I am
> wondering if this could have anything to do with the aluminium plate
> ap is tied to?  I have it configured with full strength on the
> aerial, so I doubt it's that, but...?
> And third and wierdest, every day between 10 am and 1:05 pm, the unit
> connected to the solar panel/battery resets randomly every 30 seconds
> 1 minute.  At 1:05 (I saw this 3 days in a row) it just started to
> fine.  Now, I could imagine a heat problem, but at 1 its still the
> hottest time of day, so that's not logical.  And the power supply
> be that unstable either, since the problem would occur more frequently
> then.  Of course yesterday at 1:05 it just hung (kept sending packets
> but was not responsive).  Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> Akash
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