DWL-900AP+ External Mounting

Akash Heimlich akash at navarasa.de
Tue Mar 25 02:15:00 EST 2003

Dear Laszlo,

What kind of range do you get with your antennas?  I am looking for an
easy way to bridge 1.2 km, with a 5dBi omni on one side and a ???dBi
directional on the other.  There are a few trees in the way :-(  But
there's no other way, I'd have to go up several meters and that's not a

Oh, by the way the power problem turned out to be a charge controller
problem - the heat sink got too hot and switched my AP off every minute

Do you think the AP would work more reliably if I went back to firmware


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> Dear Akash,
> I have read your mail with some notes, since here in Budapest,
> Hungary we are also using Dlink DWL900AP+ for clients.
> We have a network at a nearby place to Budapest where no other
> wireless internet service providers exist and we also use
> the equipment tide to rooftops (indoor) and use 6 dBi sector
> panel antennas outdoor. Today we have cca 20 customers in
> this region.
> I found that DLINK DWL900AP+ (firmware 2.5) is absolutely
> unusable as an access point. Here I have the same sens
> that when acting as an AP it drops the connection for several
> time, for 2 to 15 minutes each day. (I comment this as a
> serious firmware bug!). When using DLINK DWL900AP+ with other
> access points, such as the SMC brand - everything works fine.
> Basic results were that DLINK is really a good and cheap
> hardware to use at client sites, but *not* as an AP! DLINK
> DWL900AP+ does not have the possibility to roam using channel
> shifting - so that it would change channel when channel is
> busy, that means it should only be used at places where no
> other frequency shifting wireless internet service providers
> exists.
> Please keep me informing about outdoor tests with the DWL900AP+,
> ill do the same...
> regards,
> laszlo peresztegi
> budapest, hungary.
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