HELP: 802.11b PCI-2.2 3.3V 32bit card that works with Linux/FreeBSD

Surendar Chandra surendar at
Wed Mar 19 06:55:33 EST 2003

Seems like those two cards are PCI 2.2 32bit and 5V. Looks like Agere 
PCI card is 3.3V ( I know, why so much confusion!!) but Orinoco claims 
that their card is supported only under Windows. Does this particular 
card work similar to the PCMCIA card (and work under Unix variants)

Thanks much

> Hi Surendar
> Netgear MA311 and D-Link DWL-520 pci cards are pci 2.2 compliant.
> I have run both of these under FreeBSD 4.6/4.7 releases.
> Luke
> Surendar Chandra wrote:
>> Howdy,
>>  I am trying to fit 802.11 wireless NIC cards to a bunch of servers. 
>> These machines only take a PCI 2.2 3.3V 32 bit card. Any suggestions 
>> (in the US) for cards that work with Linux/FreeBSD?
>> Thanks much
>> -S

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