differenciating APs from a computer

Jerry Henderson jhen at prodigy.net
Thu Mar 13 07:45:33 EST 2003

The Aps and computer have unique MAC hardware addresses. Why don't you use
them to distinguish the source of frames?

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I have a quetion, which could sound retarded, but I have a point:)

i have three AP, in bridge mode connected to the same computer throught a
hub. The computer has a dhcp server running. The clients get their IP
adresses from
this dhcp server.
Now, the question is: can I tell apart packets coming from different AP?
and if so, how?
In other words, I want to be able to distinguish  packets from clients
associate to one AP or another, using only one network card...
I think I cant, unless the AP in bridge mode uses his
own MAC address, stripping the MAC of the client, but I am unsure how
bridge mode works...
All the AP have different essids

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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