How to catch the Ad-Hoc station beacon with an Orinoco card?

Ying Ge at
Sat Mar 1 01:55:24 EST 2003

Hi Gerrit,

Thanks for your reply.
Node will send beacons in ad-hoc mode. If you set the wireless card in
monitor mode, you can see the 802.11 raw frame (beacon) from other ad-hoc
node through Ethereal.

To mailing list:

Are there anybody who is familiar with the orinoco_cs driver and could tell
me which portion of the driver code derals with the beacon from an Access
Point? I thought maybe the driver code could be revised so that the Ad-Hoc
beacon would be handled silimlar as the AP beacon.

Thanks a lot for your time in advance!


"Hiddink, Gerrit (Gerrit)" wrote:

> Hi,
> the Ad-Hoc mode is a mode in which no beacons are sent. It therefor
> does not make sense to ask yourself what the beacon strength of other
> ad-hoc nodes is. You could try to find out the signal strength of
> data frames from nodes around you; I am not sufficiently familiar with
> the wireless tools to know how to do this.
> Regards, Gerrit
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> > Dear mailing list,
> >
> > I understand that with the orinoco_cs driver, if the card is set in
> > Ad-Hoc mode, there is no way that a wireless station can monitor the
> > signal strength from another wireless station unless the iwspy address
> > is set, and a packet from that address is received. However, in my
> > current project, I must have card (which is set in Ad-Hoc mode) report
> > the beacon strength from any other Ad-Hoc nodes (without ping a
> > specified node), just as the beacon signal strength from an
> > access point
> >
> > is reported in /proc/net/wireless. Would you please kindly
> > give me some
> > hint how to modify the driver to acheive that?
> >
> > I'm now using orinoco wireless lan gold cards with driver version
> > pcmcia-cs-3.2.3/orinoco_cs 0.11b.  The card is installed in
> > the Toshiba
> > laptop (OS: readhat 8.0 with kernel version 2.4.18-14).
> >
> > Thanks a lot for your help in advance!
> >
> > Ying
> >

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