orinoco silver and orinoco_cs

Ramin Alidousti ramin at cannon.eng.us.uu.net
Tue Sep 24 05:24:22 EST 2002


I scanned through the mailing list and couldn't find the answer
but if this has already been discussed, my apologies.

I used to use wvlan_cs with my orinoco silver card which worked
just fine till I upgraded my distro to the latest redhat beta
version. It tries to load orinoco_cs successfully. But then
nothing happens between the card and the access point.

I could see that the freq has been set to a channel that my
access point does not support (I used to have only 4 channels
on both my card and the access point, but now I have 11 channels
on my card). Any attempts to change the freq (either with freq
or channel options of iwconfig) gives me an error that the operation
is not supported.

Can someone please help me with this.


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