ARP, how fast can you go?

Septiaji Eko Nugroho zekon at
Mon Sep 23 21:38:49 EST 2002

Dear All,

I am now trying to find out whether Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b plus
TCP/IP are possible to be used in a very short time mobile

My problem is I want to transfer small amount of data (only about
2000 bytes) from one station to another station in Ad-Hoc mode. But I
have to finished everything, from host discovery to ending the
communication, in less than a second. 

Actually I don't have any hesitation that Wireless LAN can handle
that (ftp-ing at best condition only takes less than 6 ms). But my
problem is the IP connection building, the ARP, normally I found ARP
is periodic for each 1 s. Can we change this value, and how small
interval can we make? Several ms? Because even the ARP is periodic,
say 0.5 s, the TCP/IP stack will be useless for this application.

Perhaps, do you have any suggestion to make the fastest building
Thank you very much.


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