5GHz antenna and cable

Craig Mead craig.mead at pagesmith.com.au
Wed Sep 18 13:05:31 EST 2002

| Anyone on this list have a handle on a local (that is, Australian)
| supplier for 5GHz Yagi/Parabolic/Patch/Omni antenna suitable for use
| with 802.11a equipment, like Linksys, Netgear and D-Link (I suspect
| they are all made by the same factory)?
| Also, what connectors do these 5GHz Access Points and PCI cards use?
| And, what type of coax is recommended for use at this frequency?
| Cheers,
| Bob Edwards.

Use of 11a equipment (eg: 5ghz gear) in outdoor environments is currently
illegal. Get caught and you can be hit for up to 1 Million $ a day....The
DLink 11a range has non-removable antennas for this fact. Ain't seen anyone
elses 11a kit tho

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