Advice on long distance wireless links?

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral bruno at
Tue Sep 17 11:36:01 EST 2002

Hi there

> > 45 Km link with big antennas.  Reported SNR = 19 dB,
> > level -87 dB, noise -99 dB (calculated SNR: 12 dB).
> What sort of towers are you using (ie: height above ground)?
> What is the nominal gain of the antennae you're using?
> Just curious :)
> Alex

105m above water level on one point, 20m on the other. 
I don't know the nominal gain of the antennaes, sorry,
but my guess is more than 30dBi (it's twice the size of
a 24dBi grid antenna, and it's solid instead of grid)

replacing one side of the link with an orinoco AP1000 makes
the throughput close to 2Mb, auto fixed speed to 5.5Mb.
what they might did with their software to achieve that!!??

couldn't find what to modify on the linux driver to achieve
anything better than 64KB, 1Mbps. waiting for the wireless 
book recomended here in the list to arrive :)

from Brazil

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