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Marc Cousin cousinmarc at
Thu Sep 12 05:39:48 EST 2002

ok, here's a sum up of what happens here ...
i've got 2 machines, a debian and a gentoo, both with a 3Com airconnect.
on those machines, i've been trying to use hostap, orinoco12c, orinoco11b 
(after modifying orinoco_plx to have the pci id of the 3com card the same way 
it is done with 12c driver)
i think the debian machine works perfectly, in all modes, with all drivers, 
and that the gentoo machine is the real problem :
if i put the debian as an AP (using hostap), the gentoo can connect using 
either driver, except from the very high cpu load i mentionned in the 
previous mail
if i put the debian in ad-hoc mode, i cannot connect with either orinoco 
driver, but i can connect with the hostap driver. what suprises me most is 
that i don't have the same behaviour on both machines. for instance, i can 
change the channel on the debian, but i don't on the gentoo (it accepts the 
command, but iwconfig still tells me the frequency is 2.462, should i put 
channel 10, 11, 12 or 13.)
another thing i noticed : when i use the orinoco 11b driver, if i put my card 
in managed mode, iwconfig tells there is a signal, if i put it in ad-hoc 
mode, it says there is no signal anymore.

i hope there will be something interesting in all this...

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 11:28, wlan wrote:
> Marc Cousin wrote:
> > I am currently using the 12c driver, and i'm wondering if what i'm seeing
> > is normal :
> > when transfering from another machine at full speed (about 550 kbytes/s),
> > the cpu load gets as high as 75% on my computer, which is an athlon
> > 700... this number seems rather high to me, so i'm asking...
> >
> > Cheers
> No it is not normal :( the only way to get this cpu load could be to use
>   WEP and also some kind of encryption (scp) an even in this case it
> should not be bigger than 40%

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