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Hello All,

  Well in November, there will be a fellow community wireless guy over
  here from the US, visiting friends and rellies, he's an ex kiwi :)
  in any case I've asked him to give a talk about what they are doing
  in the US, if memory serves he also recent gave a wireless talk at
  defcon. He's involved with which is one of the
  more active in the US.

  At this stage he's okay'd to give a talk on the 9th of November, so
  those of you that are curious about the bigger world of wireless
  this will give you a chance to find out what else is happening in
  the world and ask him a few questions...

  At this stage kick off about 1pm ish, location to be announced...

  The day may possibly be used as another cantenna building day for
  those that missed out on the first one...

  I'm sure there will be other things etc... but I thought it would be
  an opportunity that may not come along all that often, and should be

Best regards,
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