Lucent Orinoco Silver - can't get it to work on slackware linux

Andrey Beletsky silence at
Wed Sep 4 22:52:08 EST 2002

AB> hello.

AB> i'm in trouble with lucent orinoco PC24E silver card on a desktop
AB> system (through Ricoh RL5c475-based PCI card).
AB> and the problem is:

AB> the card properly initialises at system bootup (it gives me two short
AB> beeps), it even displays correctly in iwconfig output...

AB> ...but, as you can see, it fails to find an access point.
AB> when i'm trying to manually assign an ip address to it, using
AB> ifconfig, the system just hangs completely until i remove PCMCIA card from PCI adapter.

the problem was trivial -- it's PCI-adapter refused to work with my
system. maybe it was somehow else broken.
i replaced it with ISA-adapter, now everything works pretty fine.

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