Rate on Lucent Orinoco

D. Sen dsen at homemail.com
Sun Sep 1 14:25:25 EST 2002

I am having trouble setting the rate on a Lucent Orinoco Silver card 
using orinoco_cs.

`iwconfig` reports ---> Bit Rate: 2Mb/s no matter what I do. (Tried 
various things like setting `iwconfig rate <auto|11M>' before and after 
the driver comes up to no avail).

When I try to measure the throughput from a second (laptop) symetric 
result. The transmission rate reaches upto 3 Mbits/sec while the 
receving rate reaches a maximum of around 320 Kbits/sec.

orinoco_cs version: 0.11b
Linux Kernel Version: 2.4.19

(The laptop has a prism-ii based integrated wireless connection with the 
hostap_pci driver)

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


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