Tx timeout problems revisited?

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral bruno at openline.com.br
Sat Mar 30 23:22:18 EST 2002

Hi there

I have a 10 nodes wireless LAN with linux on all of them,
including the central point.

The node that have the highest traffic is freezing (the
wireless link halts) from time to time. The initial install 
there was wvlan_cs, but I upgraded it to orinoco_cs because 
the known "transmit error" problem, it get better but the
problem still remains, "Tx Error, status 4" and a different
hexa number between brackets

With wvlan_cs the wireless link stop transmitting about
15 minutes after it's brought up. with orinoco_cs 0.09b
it works for a few hours before it stops transmitting.
if I remove and reinsert the card it "comes back" for
another amount of time

I already switch the pccard, cables, and finally the entire
computer without no difference, so I don't think it's a
hardware problem

the first computer I use is a IBM thinkpad 360 with two 
pccards (orinoco and a dlink ethernet). the other machine
is a P133 with a Realtek 8029 and a ISA<>PCCARD adapter

The setup is orinoco_cs 0.09b, kernel 2.2.20, pcmcia_cs 3.1.33, 
wireless-tools 0.23, orinoco firmware 6.16 with encription and 
demo ad hoc mode enabled

To commands I use to compile everything were

# cp /usr/src/wireless_tools.*/wireless.h /usr/include/linux/wireless.h
# cd /usr/src/linux
# make mrproper; make menuconfig (removed SCSI and other stuff not
# grep CONFIG_NET_RADIO .config
# make bzImage ; make modules
# cd pcmcia-cs-*
# make config (accepting all defaults and reading info from the kernel
source tree)
# make all

# cd /usr/src/wireless_tools.*
# make

then I install the newly generated kernel, modules, cardmgr, iwconfig, 
iwspy to the machines, generate traffic and wait until it freezes

any clues on how to track and solve this??

TIA, !3runo
from Brazil

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