PC Card!?!

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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the English in your email, but if
I read it right, you're looking for advice on the availability of 802.11b
drivers under Linux.

A good starting point for this info is Jean Tourrilhes' excellent wireless
Linux web site (if you're out there, thanks Jean!).  He has a lot of info
about the Orinoco driver at the following page:

Also, a list of many wireless drivers (Orinoco and others) for Linux can be
found at another of his pages, here:

The Orinico cards are a good choice since you can have full access to the
source of the Linux drivers (it's Free software under the GPL).  The cards
probably work under Windows too (not sure).  In North America the cards can
be obtained relatively inexpensively .  For more information on these cards,
check out the corporate web site at:

Best of luck on your project.


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Hello, gentlemen!

My name is Ivan Guidelli, work in a company of industrial automation in
Brazil and is participating of a design for collection of data with wireless
communication. This communication will be made through a card PCMCIA or
PC Card, as to want to call, made a market research and is wanting to work
with any types of antenna and mark, external or internal, 3Com, Symbol,
Orinoco, D-Link, etc, but I am with difficulty in knowing if already drive
for Linux and/or Windows that obtain to congregate, to the maximum exists
some, all the features above cited. It would like some suggestion, already
they work in the branch has much more time that I.

Without more at the moment.

Thank You.

Ivan Guidelli.

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