PC Card!?!

ivanguidelli at zipmail.com.br ivanguidelli at zipmail.com.br
Thu Mar 28 06:38:23 EST 2002

Hello, gentlemen! 

My name is Ivan Guidelli, work in a company of industrial automation in
Brazil and is participating of a design for collection of data with wireless
communication. This communication will be made through a card PCMCIA or
PC Card, as to want to call, made a market research and is wanting to work
with any types of antenna and mark, external or internal, 3Com, Symbol,
Orinoco, D-Link, etc, but I am with difficulty in knowing if already drive
for Linux and/or Windows that obtain to congregate, to the maximum exists
some, all the features above cited. It would like some suggestion, already
they work in the branch has much more time that I. 

Without more at the moment.

Thank You.

Ivan Guidelli.   

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