D-Link DWL-520

Tony Smith tony at tonsyl.org
Wed Mar 6 09:02:30 EST 2002

On the basis of an attractive price I've bought a few DWL-520 cards.

These are a prismII chipset in a PCI package for desktops.

The wlan faq indicates that these are fully supported, however I've tried
all the combinations of drivers, including the orinoco drivers to no avail.

I suspect that the real issue is a knowledge gap rather than a fault with
the drivers so I guess my question is does anyone know of a good
step-by-step guide to getting wireless networking going?

My linux knowledge is at "user" not "expert" level and my current knowledge
of Wireless lan is very low. Willing to read up and solve my own problems,
just need a pointer as to where to go.

P.S what I am trying to achieve for the moment is a simply bridge between my
home lan and a friend's home. The intent is to make his lan and extension of
my own.


Tony Smith

Connected to the internet in Sunny Far North Queensland Australia

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