driver for linksys wireless card?

Jim Carter jimc at
Wed Mar 6 08:14:27 EST 2002

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Andrew Park wrote:
> Is there any working linux drivers out there for linksys wpc11 v2.5?

I'm using the standard orinoco suite with this card.  Normally I use it in
the WDT11 PCI adapter, with orinoco_plx.o (which calls orinoco.o), but for
testing, I have used it in my laptop with orinoco_cs.o (calling orinoco.o).

I haven't been able to recognize what's special about v2.5, except that
they don't send you any drivers for Win98, which is the Windoze version on
my gateway machine, so I couldn't test the card under Windoze.  According
to Dell, v2.5 is for Windows CE and, with a firmware upgrade (to 1.00?),
Windows XP.

Driver version 0.07, coming with the 2.4.16 kernel sources, works but has
problems that have been discussed on this list.  0.09b has its own
problems.  One person says v0.08 seems to be the best compromise (this
week), but I haven't had a chance to revert my drivers yet and try it out.
Keep your eyes on the list because improvements could appear at any time.

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