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My name is Nicola Morelli from UNVERSITY OF BRESCIA, ITALY. I have problem to locate the I/O base address from CIS structure of ORINOCO Silver PCMCIA wireless card. In Prism Driver Programmer's Manual i found all the tuple (Orinoco is very similar to Prism, CIS structure is almost the same!), but the CFTABLE_ENTRY tuple with code 1Bh hasn't within I/O base address, it has only the TPCE_IO field that value is 46h. (6 is the number of I/O address line necessary to address the 32 word register). I read a PCMCIA book, (not the standard!) that tell i can found possible I/O base REGISTERS near the COR register, but how can i tell to PCCard to use one base address than others? in fact PCcard support only one configuration entry tuple and to set PCMCIA card to I/O i must only write 1 to bit 0 of COR.
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