wli-pcm-l11 or wli-pcm-l11g using RH 7.2

Joel Fressa joelfressa at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 17:24:04 EST 2002


  This might be one of those newb questions everybody
hates but I _need_ to get this card working.

PROBLEM: My PCMCIA card and adapter do not work in RH 7.2
         There is a high tone beep then low tone beep indicating
         my card is found but NOT configured. I can not seem
         to get the eth1 OR wlan0 alias to work/attach to a
         module. Configuration files I edit dont seem to have
         any affects. Grrr.

          Buffalo (Melco) WLI-PCM-L11G PCMCIA card,
          Buffalo (It says Melco on win98 device mgr) WLI-PCI adapter
          VIA KT266 chipset on the motherboard if that matters

SOFTWARE: Redhat Linux 7.2
          Various packages like ornico_cs, wlan-ng, pcmcia-cs-3.31,
          wavelan2_cs-6.16 and the wireless tools.

SOLUTION: I simply need a step-by-step of what to do here. OR,
          at the very least, tell me what packages WORK and which
          ones I should use. I had a few blow outs while following
          the instructions verbatim that came with the various

Can anybody please help me out? I would appreciate it and so would
my wife! She is off the network now because of this and she has
things to print up for her little Mary Kay business. Isnt that cute?

Thanks! Any advice will be appreciated.


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