Good place to get wireless cards in Adelaide?

Matthew Lyons mlyons at
Sat Jan 26 10:29:04 EST 2002

G'day folks,
I'm over here for 12 months work so I have no idea where any good
computer shops, swap meets etc are.  So I'd though I would ask this
mailing list.
I've got an old k62-400 with 128MB ram that's currently running Mandrake
8.1.  Though I'm thinking of switching to RH 7.2 as I use it at work.
So my questions are: 
Where can I get my hands on a wireless card for my linux box and about
how much are they?
Which distro should I be using with this card or is it purely dependant
on the kernel version you use?
Will I be able to connect as is from "Golden Grove" or should I be
looking at setting up an antennae (how ever you spell it) as well?
My overall goal is to get my linux box acting as a gateway to the
Adelaide wireless network, and my ADSL. On a LAN that me and my
housemates can hook our windoze boxes up too.
If I've said anything completely newbish, sorry, but I've only been
reading this list for the last 2 days.
Thanks in advance
Matt Lyons
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