WaveLan cards

dane allison dane at baydolphin.com.au
Wed Jan 23 14:22:44 EST 2002

I am interested in the WaveLan 2mbit cards mentioned on the air.net.au page.
I am looking to link 2 networks which are about 300m away, and these cards would
work out to be ALOT cheaper than buying a PCMCIA 11mbit card and ISA adapter
and pigtail adapter.... 

A few questions. 

Do these cards fit into a standard ISA slot ? (not sure what full length ISA
means ..)

will these cards communicate with a 802.11 11mbit card ? (if i later wanted
to connect to brismesh which is using 802.11 cards)

do these cards have a N connector on the rear for an antenna cable to go straight
off ?

Any info is greatly appreciated

dane allison

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