AP IP and Mobile Units IPs

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at svana.org
Wed Jan 23 09:24:52 EST 2002

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 02:50:23PM -0600, JonesMB wrote:
> >Is there a way that allows me to know the IP address of the AP that I am 
> >connected to, iwconfig only has the MAC address!
> using a combination of the information available from iwconfig and your ARP 
> table, you should be able to find the IP address that corresponds to a 
> particular MAC address.

I'm not sure if it is used at all, but if an AP were acting like a bridge
then there are two things to consider:

1) The AP need not have an IP address at all
2) Machines on the other side of the AP would all have the MAC address of
   the AP in your ARP cache.

I'm not sure whether it actually works this way though.
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