I may have sent you a virus!

Maher, Joe Joe.Maher at actewagl.com.au
Thu Jan 17 09:24:50 EST 2002

I'm sorry to tell you all but it is possible that I may have sent you a
virus last night about 10:30 pm.

The virus is Badtrans-B.

For the people that use Microsoft Outlook Express 5 the virus exploits a
fault within the program.
This fault will run the virus without you even opening the email.
The Virus then sends the virus to any email address on your computer it can
find. It is also possible that a record of your keystrokes have been sent to
a email address revealing passwords that you have used since the computer
was infected with the virus.

For virus scanning software visit www.sophos.com, or any other site you

The best thing to do for you when you receive this email is to disconnect
you computer for the Internet so no more emails can be sent if you are
infected. This will give you a chance to clean up you computer with up to
date virus scanning software and the instructions I have sent you.

I have included 3 word docs that explain the virus and the fault in Outlook
Express, how to get rid of the Virus and where to download the patch for
Microsoft so the same thing can not happen again.
 <<W32.doc>>  <<Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01.doc>>  <<Instructions for
removing W32.doc>> 

I'm deeply sorry about this inconvenience!
I wish Microsoft would get there act together so things can not happen.

Joe Maher
Automation Systems Officer
ActewAGL Corp.
PH: (02) 6293 5842
FAX: (02) 6293 5847
Mobile: 0414 510462

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WARNING RE VIRUSES:  Our computer systems sweep
outgoing email to guard against viruses, but no warranty 
is given that this email or its attachments are virus free. 
Before opening or using attachments, please check for 
viruses.  Our liability is limited to the re-supply of any 
affected attachments.

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and with authority, states them to be the views of the 

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