Correct way of using the orinoco_cs driver

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at
Mon Jan 21 09:37:45 EST 2002

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 12:50:05AM +1000, Mike O'Connor wrote:
> Hi
> Ok, I did as you suggested and moved the code in to the kernel source tree. This
> has made the kernel version problem and the illigale insmod problem go away.
> So now my on loan Lucent card works, no problem.


> The Zoomtel when trying to get the dhcp information put this messagein the logs
> Jan 20 23:43:26 airtime kernel: eth0: This firmware requires an ESSID in
> IBSS-Ad-Hoc mode.
> Jan 20 23:43:26 airtime kernel: eth0: Error -110 writing packet header to BAP
> Jan 20 23:43:34 airtime dhcpcd[9085]: terminating on signal 2 
> The dhcpcd termination is me hitting ctrl-c.

Ok, so you need an ESSID if you're going to use ad-hoc mode. That right.

> I tried adding an ESSID by running \'iwconfig eth0 essid WLAN_AVS\' but nothing
> changes when I look athe iwconfig details.

Quick point, if you change the ESSID while the interface is down, it
*doesn't* change it. The ESSID has to be brought up for the change to occur
and even then you may need to issue the command while the interface is up.

Since DHCP usually leaves the interface in a down state if it didn't work,
my guess is that this is your problem.

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