Correct way of using the orinoco_cs driver

Mike O'Connor mike at
Sun Jan 20 23:31:07 EST 2002


If I use the one with the kernel I get a message in the log about needing to
upgrade orinoco because of a firmware bug in my zoomtel.

This is why I\'m trying the newer source code.

> Are you sure you\'re compiling the orinoco driver against the right
> kernel
> tree?

I have made sure that the links in /usr/include point to the correct headers and
pcmcia is building aginast the correct source.

I\'m not useing the kernel pcmcia modules could this be the problem ? The one
email message I found that made any sense was said that the code version problem
was caused by modules compiling aganst the kernel pcmcia not the pcmcia source
code, but it did not get any way of fixing this.

   Mike O\'Connor 

> > Also I\'m getting an error about \"cardmgr: {path to modules}:
> init_module:
> > operation not permitted\"
> That\'s the module load failing probably.
> > A friends Lucent tech wavelan/IEEE gets the same errors.
> > 
> > Using the wvlan_cs I can get the lucent card working.
> Wierd, I\'ve never had any difficulties. orinoco_cs in part of the 2.4.18
> kernel you\'re using, so there is not even a need to go download
> anything.
> You can compile it as part of your normal kernel compile.
> make modules_install does it for me
> HTH,
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